Led by a dynamic team of family physicians, the Roadshows are making stops in communities throughout Alberta. The Roadshows offer unique, interactive CME sessions, free from industry bias.

How They Work

Sponsored by the ACFP, these evidence based mini-conferences provide up to eight (8) hours of certified education tailored to specific community needs. These are full-service events—all you have to do is contact us, choose your topics, and make a suggestion for venue and catering. The rest is up to us!

ACFP’s CPD Roadshows are only available a few times per year. For more information, contact Sharon Nickel.

Meet the team:


Note: While we do try to accommodate as many requests as we can to visit communities across Alberta, the number of events per year is limited and subject to presenter availability. As such, we are taking requests for 2018. Please contact Sharon if you are interested in hosting a roadshow.