Friday, October 20

Time Agenda Item
1200-1300 Registration and Refreshments
1300-1330 Welcome and Introductions
1330-1350 What’s New, What’s True, What’s Poo
Mike Allan, Mike Kolber, Tina Korownyk, Adrienne Lindblad
1350-1410 Who Gives a “CHEP” About Targets? A Hypertension Update
Raj Padwal
1410-1430 Diabetic Sugar Meds: The Unsweetened Evidence for Outcomes That Matter Most
James McCormack
1430-1455 Questions and Answers
1455-1515 Refreshment Break
1515-1535 Head’s Up: What’s the Latest on Concussion?
Dhiren Naidu
1535-1555 Don’t Let the Evidence on Depression Getcha Down
Adrienne Lindblad
1555-1620 Questions and Answers
1620-1640 Is it High-Time for Medical Cannabis: Doobie-ous Evidence or Smokin’ Results?
Mike Allan
1640-1710 Opioids: The Cause of (and Solution to) All Things Pain
Jessica Kirkwood, Tina Korownyk
1710-1740 Questions and Answers
1740-1830 Friday Night Social

Saturday, October 21

Time Agenda Item
0715-0800 Breakfast
0800-0820 Welcome and Introductions
0820-0840 What’s New, What’s True, What’s Poo
Mike Allan, Mike Kolber, Tina Korownyk, Adrienne Lindblad
0840-0900 “About Face”: Marching to the Changing Tune of Medical Evidence
Vinay Prasad
0900-0930 Interpreting Lab Tests: The Magic of “Normal” Ranges and Repeat Testing
James McCormack
0930-0955 Questions and Answers
0955-1015 Refreshment Break
1015-1035 Prevent, Treat, Repeat: Getting Ahead of Migraines
Jennifer Bestard
1035-1055 Do You See What I See (or Don’t)? Office-based Ophthalmology for the Primary Care Provider
Steve Roberts
1055-1120 Questions and Answers
1120-1140 Gas, Pain, No Bowel Control: “Irritable” is Not the Word for This BS
Mike Kolber
1140-1150 Trials and Tribulations: 2017 update on the Pragmatic Trials Collaborative
Scott Garrison
1150-1205 Questions and Answers
1205-1305 Lunch
1305-1325 Thyroid Nodules, Ultrasounds, Sailboats: Which One Does Not Belong?
Jennifer Young
1325-1345 Understanding the Effects and Marketing of Cancer Drugs: A Glance Behind the FDA Curtain
Vinay Prasad
1345-1410 Questions and Answers
1410-1430 Refreshment Break
1430-1450 Bite-sized Pearls From a Doctor With Little Patients: Pediatric Update 2017
Sam Wong
1450-1520 Social Determinants of Health: How a Warm Meal and Dry Home Beat 90% of Medications
Tony Nickonchuk
1520-1550 Questions and Answers
1550-1600 Wrap Up

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