Friday, October 20

Please note: These sessions are held prior to the conference and are not included in the general registration fee. These workshops include small group and individual-led work, and a homework component will be sent prior to the workshop. Spaces are limited. Workshops run concurrently on Friday morning; participants must choose one workshop.

Practising Wisely: Reducing Unnecessary Testing and Treatment – Sold Out

October 20, 0800-1130
Jennifer Young, Anthony Train

Practising Wisely is a suite of new continuing professional development opportunities for primary care providers. Participants will identify opportunities to “practise wisely,” with a focus on reducing over-prescribing, over-imaging, over-screening, and over-monitoring using the latest evidence and tools from diverse sources. This workshop aligns closely with the Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) campaign to implement good health care stewardship and avoid over-medicalization.

Primary Care Transformation: How to Tackle Sticky Situations We Were Never Taught to Address

October 20, 0800-1130
Brad Bahler, Nadine Letwin

In health care, we all eventually come face to face with problems outside our specific locus of control. These “system” problems in health care pose significant challenges to patients and primary care providers alike. This workshop will explore the Systems Transformation element of the LEADS Framework in health leadership. We will examine what is meant by systems transformation, expose participants to challenges that are rooted in our traditional mindset, and consider new approaches to problems we were never taught to solve. This session is part of the LeadFM Leadership Program.



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