About Tools for Practice

Proudly sponsored by ACFP, Tools for Practice is a valuable service for our members. The biweekly articles summarize medical evidence on a clinical question with a focus on information that can modify your day to day practice.

Articles are reviewed for current evidence and updated on a two- to three-year cycle. 

Free From Industry

TFP content is developed free of industry bias and is based on the best available evidence. Each article is peer-reviewed, ensuring it maintains a high standard of quality, accuracy, and academic integrity. Family physicians that consult the TFP resource can be assured that they are accessing a wealth of established, verified knowledge.

Tools for Practice is coordinated by Dr. G. Michael Allan (Mike), Professor and Director of Evidence Based Medicine in the University of Alberta’s Department of Family Medicine. Dr. Allan is a highly respected practitioner and educator. He has been a popular and recurring speaker at the College’s Annual Scientific Assemblies, and has agreed to share his knowledge and experience with colleagues through Tools for Practice.

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The Making of Tools for Practice


Authors for each article must include at least one practising family physician (for a primary care focus). Other authors have included medical/pharmacy students, specialists (general internal medicine, geriatrics, endocrinology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, neurology, and pulmonology), pharmacists, and nurse practitioners.

G. Michael Allan    Elfrieda Cross    Kevin Haley    Michael R. Kolber    James McCormack    Ginetta Salvalaggio    Geetika Verma
Bruce Arroll    Riley Davidson    Megan Harbin    Sudha Koppula    Rita McCracken    Cathy Scrimshaw    Adil Virani
Hoan Linh Banh    Cathy Dewaal    Kathleen Hegan    Christina Korownyk    Daniel McKennitt    Arya Sharma    Robert Webster
Arden Barry    Irfan Dhalla    Braiden Hellec    Darren Lau    Andries Muller    Yvonne Shevchuk    Edward Wiebe
Ken Basset    Shweta Dhawan    Darryl Huang    Constance Lebrun    Tony Nickonchuk    Ron Shute    Erin Wilson
Daniele Behn-Smith    Charl Els    Emma Huang    Michelle Levy    Lindsay Nicolle    James L. Silvius    Clarence Wong
Alma Bencivenga    Dean Eurich    Noah Ivers    Adrienne J Lindblad    Chris Novak    Mayank Singal    Tina Yokota
Jill Blaser    Jonathan Ference    Jeff Jamieson    Tafi Madzimure    Raj Padwal    Richard Spooner    Jennifer P. Young
Kirti Brar    Loretta Fiorillo    Fred Janke    Ken Makus    Michael Pierse    Clark Svrcek    Kelly Zarnke
Emelie Braschi    Sarah Forgie    Anu Joneja    Laurie Mallery    Daniel Rainkie    Ian Taylor
Tammy Bungard    Lisa Freeman    Michael Kapusta    Marco Mannarino    Loren Regier    Brianne Tetz
Jenny Carbon    Scott Garrison    Adam Keough    Candy Marcet    Jacques Romney    Ricky D. Turgeon
John Chmelicek    Grenvil Gracias    Sheny Khera    Frank Martino    David Ross    Robert Turnbull
Candra Cotton    Cian Hackett    Doug Klein    Mark McConnell    Cheryl Sadowski    Robert Turner


Question/Topic Selection

All questions must be focused and clear and the topics must have a broad or large application to clinical practice. Topics are selected by a variety of mechanisms including recent issues in the news (e.g. CCSVI surgery for MS), emerging evidence (e.g. cardiovascular risks of calcium), new products with primary care impact (e.g. Dabigatran), topics written in by readers (e.g. association of autism and MMR vaccine), external topic selected by potential author (e.g. high-dose statin), questions from CME meetings (e.g. VT risk with hormonal contraception), where guideline recommendation deviates from the evidence (e.g. frequency of bone mineral density testing), or where standards of care have lagged behind current evidence (e.g. ibuprofen vs acetaminophen for pediatric fever).