Centre 170, 370,
10403-172 Street
Phone: (780) 488-2395


The ACFP understands the importance of reaching out to our medical students and respects you will be the future of Family Medicine. The ACFP actively supports a student’s decision to choose his or her desired discipline by providing learning and networking opportunities in Family Medicine.


There is no fee for membership and member renewal is done annually each July and terminates upon ceasing to be enrolled in an approved undergraduate training program. Student members belong to both the National College and Provincial Chapter. To become a member visit http://www.cfpc.ca/becomeamember/.

Student Member Benefits include:

  • A reduced annual subscription rate for the Canadian Family Physician (CFP)
  • Free online access to Self Learning™  and MDcme.ca
  • Research services from the Canadian Library of Family Medicine,
  • And more!

Student Initiatives

The ACFP supports many student-oriented activities in order to help students learn more about family medicine. The ACFP also recognizes excellence in Family Medicine with their annual award program.

  • Shadowing Program
  • Orientation Week
  • Information and Clinical Skills Sessions
  • Awards and Scholarships
  • Funding Support for Various for ACFP and/or CFPC Events