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The new online reporting platform makes accessing your credit summary, completed activities, in-progress activities, and official transcripts, much easier.

Take a look at the latest Mainpro+ video. For more video, visit http://www.cfpc.ca/Mainpro+_Resources/.

Check Out the Newly Updated Mainpro+ Platform!

The CFPC is making some significant changes to Mainpro, based on member recommendations, to help all Mainpro participants meet their changing learning requirements. The system changes will also ensure that the appropriate mechanisms are in place to allow Mainpro to evolve and improve over time. We understand that change can be challenging at times and want to ensure all our members have a successful transition to Mainpro+.

Learn More About Mainpro+®

If you have any questions please email CPD staff at mainprocredits@cfpc.ca or 1-800-387-6197 ext 560.

Keeping You Up-to-Date on Mainpro+! Meet With Dr. Sudha Koppula, Alberta’s Regional Educator

No stranger to the ACFP, Dr. Koppula is ACFP’s Secretary. As a Regional Educator, Dr. Koppula represents the CFPC and keeps busy staying on top of  upcomingKoppula175 changes to the MAINPRO+® program so  she can keep you up-to-date.

About the CFPC’s Regional Educator Program

To support the launch of Mainpro+, the College of Family Physicians of Canada has recruited a Regional Educator to promote, support, and engage members in the Mainpro program. Specifically, CPD Educators:

  • Facilitate workshops and other educational activities to help members understand the changes to Mainpro in 2016, known as Mainpro+
  • Collaborate with College Chapters, Canadian university CPD programs and other CPD organizations and networks related to the Mainpro+ program and requirements
  • Identify and develop educational strategies and tools that support the learning of members within the Mainpro+ program

The Regional Educator program was created as a response to feedback from members regarding the need for more support in lifelong learning. If you have questions about the Regional Educator Program, contact info@acfp.ca.