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GoMainpro is the latest continuing professional development (CPD) offering by the Alberta College of Family Physicians. GoMainpro is an online Self-Learning tool that facilitates Mainpro+® certification for the ACFP’s Tools for Practice library.

GoMainpro allows you to earn certified Self-Learning Mainpro+ credits on the up-to-date evidence-based library by launching a reflective exercise attached to the specific Tools for Practice article. GoMainpro automatically tracks, manages, and reports on certified credits. Your certified, Self-Learning credits are documented and sent to the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) accreditation department. It is as easy as that. This Self-Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 12 Mainpro+ credits.

About the Tools for Practice Library

The collaboration between the Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP) and the Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) team at the University of Alberta has offered an evolution of practical tools, programs, advice, and support to primary care in Alberta, Canada, and abroad.

The suite of offerings began with Tools for Practice—the biweekly articles summarize medical evidence on a clinical question with a focus on information that can modify your day to day practice.   The ACFP believes that the Tools for Practice library is a leading, best-practice resource for primary care providers and has proudly supported the publishing and delivery of Tools for Practice to its members since 2009.  The ACFP is pleased to offer CFPC members additional benefit by certifying the library for online, Self-Learning credits.

Free From Industry

TFP content is developed free of industry bias and is based on the best available evidence. Each article is peer-reviewed, ensuring it maintains a high standard of quality, accuracy, and academic integrity. Family physicians that consult the TFP resource can be assured that they are accessing a wealth of established, verified knowledge.
Tools for Practice is coordinated by G. Michael Allan, MD, CCFP and the content is written by practising family physicians who are joined occasionally by a health professional from another medical specialty or health discipline. Each article is peer-reviewed, ensuring it maintains a high standard of quality, accuracy, and academic integrity.

Non-Certified Self-Learning Credits
If you are not a GoMainpro subscriber, you may record non-certified credits for Tools for Practice articles you read through the Self-Learning activity category within your Mainpro+ profile (https://www.cfpc.ca/login/).