Welcome to GoMainpro—Online Self-Learning, Made Easy

GoMainpro is the latest continuing professional development (CPD) offering by the Alberta College of Family Physicians. GoMainpro is an online Self-Learning tool where you can earn certified Self-Learning credits on the ACFP’s Tools for Practice library. The combination of the CFPC’s Direct Entry Program and GoMainpro’s tracking and reporting features provide an easy and convenient way to earn certified Self-Learning credits online–anytime, anywhere. This Self-Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 12 Mainpro+ credits. Download the GoMainpro fact sheet.

How It Works

Certified Self-Learning Credits
To earn certified credits for Tools for Practice articles, you must subscribe to the ACFP’s online Self-Learning tool, GoMainpro.

Subscribers have two levels from they can select—a Level-1 subscription allows to you earn 0.25 certified Self-Learning credits on up to 24 Tools for Practice Articles (6.0 credits) and a Level-2 subscription allow you to earn 0.25 certified Self-Learning credits on up to 48 articles (12.0 credits).

Non-Certified Self-Learning Credits
If choose not to subscribe to GoMainpro, you may record non-certified credits for Tools for Practice articles you read through the Self-Learning activity category within your Mainpro+ profile (https://www.cfpc.ca/login/).

Subscribers Login

New Users

Simply sign up and create a user account. Once you have created a user account, you will be prompted to select and purchase your subscription level.

Tools For Practice

The Tools for Practice library is a best-practice evidence summary for primary care providers and is a result of collaboration between the ACFP and the Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) team at the University of Alberta.