Earn up to 70 certified credits with the new and improved GoMainpro!

If you have not yet signed up for GoMainpro, you are missing out on the ACFP’s best kept secret.

GoMainpro is an online learning platform where you can earn certified credits for ACFP’s Tools for Practice library and ACFP’s Video Library from its past events—61st Annual Scientific Assembly and Practical Evidence for Informed Practice conferences.

Simply read a Tools for Practice article or watch a video and reflect on your learning experience and earn credits—it is that easy! Download the GoMainpro fact sheet.

Launch the Intro to GoMainpro to Take a Look!


New and Improved GoMainpro

GoMainpro Updates Include:

  • Updated GoMainpro look and feel
  • New and improved My Dashboard page
  • Removal of tiered subscriptions and credit limits
  • Addition of new certified content libraries
  • New credit opportunities on Tools for Practice Online
  • Addition of one new non-certified library.

Removal of Tiered Subscription Levels – What This Means
The ACFP is pleased to inform you that we have removed the tiered subscription options on GoMainpro meaning that you will no longer be limited by subscription levels and their credit limits.

All credit limits have been removed and now you can earn as many credits our content libraries can offer.

Additional Content Libraries
The ACFP is very pleased to announce the addition of two video libraries. The ACFP Video Library includes session and keynote recordings from the 61st Annual Scientific Assembly and the 2017 Practical Evidence for Informed Practice conferences.

GoMainpro subscribers can access a video title and reflect on their learning to earn credits. Download the conference program guides for the 61st ASA and 2017 PEIP conference for more information.

The ACFP Video Library Self-Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 14 Mainpro+ credits.

Additional Credit Opportunities for Tools for Practice
The ACFP has re-certified the Tools for Practice Online library and it is now eligible for more credits! In fact all 200+ articles have been accounted for which totals a possible of 56 certified credits. With the removal of tiered subscriptions and credit limits, this means you can earn additional credits on Tools for Practice articles.

The Tools for Practice Online Self-Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 56 Mainpro+ credits.

Non-certified Video Library
The ACFP has also added archived files from the 2016 Practical Evidence for Informed Practice conference. As a subscriber you will have access to the entire collection.

Because the ACFP is unable to report on non-certified credits, you will be required to report on non-certified credits yourself. Alternatively you can also access http://www.cfpc.ca/Linking_Learning_exercises/ form to earn further credits on these titles.

*The maximum of certified Mainpro+ credits corresponds to the total possible amount of credits from the certified libraries available on GoMainpro. Please note that credits earned from June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018 have already been reported and submitted. Credits earned as of June 1, 2018 will be submitted to the CFPC on May 31, 2019


6 responses to “Earn up to 70 certified credits with the new and improved GoMainpro!”

  1. Bob Mullan says:

    How do I claim credits?

    • ACFP Admin says:

      Hello Dr. Mullan,

      Thank you for your question. You will receive confirmation directly from the CFPC by email. You must be logged into your GoMainpro subscription first. Then access the content libraries from the left-hand side of your Dashboard. Once you have read and understood the material, you may select Begin Reflective Exercise button. Once you submit your reflective exercise, your credits will be recorded.

      There is no need to report your credits. Credits earned on ACFP’s GoMainpro online learning platform will be submitted to the CFPC’s Direct Credit Entry Program on May 31 annually.

  2. Clare Westmacott says:

    Are these Mainpro 1 credits?

    • ACFP Admin says:

      Hello Dr. Westmacott – Mainpro 1 credits are no longer a category that is used. However, the Tools for Practice library and the ACFP Video library are both certified Self Learning credits.

  3. Victor Obiora says:

    This looks good. I wonder however, if this is open only to Alberta family physicians?

    • ACFP Admin says:

      Hello Dr. Obiora,

      Yes this online learning platform is open all family physicians in Canada. The ACFP first introduced the learning platform in late 2014 and have partnered with the following chapters – BCCCFP (British Columbia), SCFP – (Saskatchewan), MCFP (Manitoba), OCFP (Ontario), NSCFP (Nova Scotia), NBCFP (New Brunswick), PEIPCFP (Prince Edward Island). If you are a member of the above chapters or ACFP, then the cost is $75 for an annual subscription. Non member mainpro participants pay $150 for an annual subscription. More details on GoMainpro can be found at https://www.acfp.ca/gomainpro/faqs/.

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