Make Time to Acknowledge Excellence in Family Medicine

Do you know an exceptional family physician that has affected your life? Do you know an exceptional family physician, family medicine resident and/or student? Leaders in their communities that have demonstrated a passion for what they do? Then make time to acknowledge them and submit a nomination today.

Award Program Expansion

  • New for the FPOY: The ACFP is pleased to announce that we will now recognize five members for the Family Physician of the Year award, each representing a provincial health zone.

Deadline Extended to April 30, 2017

The ACFP is also pleased to announce three new awards: Patient’s Medical Home Clinic award, ACFP Champion award, and a Long-term Service award.

  • Patient’s Medical Home Clinic Award: recognizes two family practices that demonstrate outstanding leadership in the implementation of the Patient’s Medical Home (where the clinic has displayed exemplary effort in applying the principles of the PMH).
  • ACFP Champion Award: recognizes the dedication and passion of a member who has committed to engage with members and promote the ACFP, its services, and programs.
  • Long-term Service Award: recognizes a member who has been actively involved in the work of the College serving on committee or initiative work for more than 10 consecutive years.

Deadline Extended to May 15, 2017

Visit one of the following awards for more details.

Congratulations to our 2016 Awards Recipients

Family physicians provide patient care through every stage of their lives. The patient-family doctor relationship develops over time and is one of the most trusted in health care.

Help us celebrate and congratulate the following family medicine physicians, advocates, and leaders in Alberta.

ACFP 2016 Award Recipients

ACFP Student Leadership – Rising Star Award
University of Alberta – Riley Davidson
University of Calgary – Carli Clemis

Family Medicine Resident Leadership Award
University of Alberta – Dr. Alexei Khair
University of Calgary – Dr. Braden Teitge

ACFP New Professional Award
Dr. Rabiya Jalil, Calgary

Recognition of Excellence
Dr. Hendrik van der Watt, Bonnyville

ACFP Family Physician of the Year
Dr. Paul Humphries, Spruce Grove

2016 CFPC Honorees

Ian McWhinney Family Medicine Education Award
Dr. Paul Humphries, Spruce Grove

Lifetime Achievement Awards in Family Medicine Research
Dr. Neil Bell, Edmonton
Dr. Andrew Cave, Edmonton
Dr. James Dickinson, Calgary