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Annual Meeting of Members Highlights

The ACFP Annual Meeting of Members held on Saturday, March 4th at the Annual Scientific Assembly was a great success this year. With 95 registered members in attendance at the meeting, the Board of Directors were pleased with the turn out and the level of participation. Members were able to review and respond to the annual audit and the budget plan, and to vote on the membership fee. Members voted in two new members-at-large on the ACFP Board of Directors, Dr. Noel DeCunha from Westlock and Dr. Randall Sargent from Canmore. Both new members bring a set of skills and perspectives that the Board will find very valuable in the coming years.

We heard a bitter sweet message from outgoing President, Dr. John Chmelicek and one of vision and commitment from incoming President Dr. Fred Janke. The President Elect from the CFPC, Dr. Guillaume Charbonneau brought greetings and spoke of the leadership that ACFP shows in the National primary care movement.

As always, with Board renewal, we have to say farewell to outgoing members. Dr. Cathy Scrimshaw, a long standing Board member, was instrumental in supporting the ACFP and its membership through several changes in primary care in the past years. Dr. Charles Leduc, brought a global perspective and added a creative academic spin to all that the ACFP Board discussed. They will be missed.

Committees were renewed under the new governance structure and philosophy adopted by the ACFP at the 2016 AGM. Committee members, new and outgoing, were recognized for their contributions to the ACFP’s mandate and operations. The committee members and committee structure hopes to serve the ACFP well as we embark on an increased focus on leadership in system transformation, value of membership, influencing public policy that impacts the care of patients and families in primary care, and provision of relevant and timely continuing professional development and medical education.

Interested in a Committee?

The ACFP is always looking for committed volunteers wanting to make a change and participate College programs, services, and governance. Formal invitations for committee members go out once a year. Visit the Committees page for more information on ACFP’s committees or select a committee from the menu on the right.