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Patient Stories

A family doctor-patient relationship is often times one of the most trusted in health care. Take a look at what patients are saying about why their family docs rock.

Not only my doctor but a friend, too!

I would like to commend and recommend my family doctor (Dr. Dean Brent Cave). He is a wonderful, humorous, and knowledgeable doctor. I have known him for over 30 years and I have fond memories of him being my childhood doctor. A few years ago, we reconnected and he has helped me so much!! I am currently going to be having bariatric surgery in two weeks and Dr. Cave has been very supportive and encouraging.

He is really cares about all his patients and I know many people whom he has helped! He is very deserving of recognition as one of Alberta’s great family physicians. I consider him a friend as well as being my doctor. I have met many doctors and Dr. Cave is by far my favourite!

He deserves honor and recognition for his many years of service here in Edmonton as well as Hinton, Alberta!!

Please send him a family docs rock t-shirt!

Thank-you for your time and have an awesome day!!

James Thesen, Beaumont


A Family Affair – From 3 months to 93 years of age

My family doc rocks because he is the doctor for everyone in my family, from my 93 year old grandmother to my 3 month old and everyone in between. Dr. Odufuwa visits my grandmother in her care centre and asks about her when we are in the office. He genuinely cares about us as individuals and as a family. Even if it is months between our appointments he always remembers little details about our lives and asks about them.

He never rushes anyone and he is an excellent listener. He is a very knowledgeable and competent doctor, but what we love most about him is his genuine friendliness and caring compassion towards us as patients.

I am proud to tell everyone “my family doctor rocks”!

Amanda Unsworth, Grande Prairie

Our Health is in the Best of Hands

Our doctor at the Wetaskiwin Family Medical Practice, began his journey with our family as a result of an emergency visit for my husband. He took my ‘hard-to-convince-he-needs-medical-attention’ and ‘has-never-had-a-doctor-before’ husband on as a patient and soon after became my family physician too. He was the first (and only to date) doctor for our daughter who was born in Wetaskiwin. And now, he is also our son’s very first physician.

Our 2 year old loves to say his name and actually gets excited to go for appointments with him. We always feel that our health is in the best of hands with him. He is truly a blessing for our family and we are so very thankful to have such a wonderful doctor in our community.

Thanks for all you do for us ! You rock as our family’s doc!

The Gibson Family, Wetaskiwin

The Best Doctor for Our Family!

Our family doctor is Dr. Michael Quinlan in Canmore, he is the best doctor for our family because he takes all the time we need with him at every visit. He answers every question and has taken good care of us for the last 7 years. He definitely ROCKS. We like to say a BIG Thank you to him and all his staff at his well-run Clinic.


Amazing, Straight-forward, and Caring

Let me tell you about my family doctor. He is just amazing. He has a straight-forward and caring manner about him. I instantly respected and trusted him from the time I first started to go see him. And…people who know me know I don’t go to the doctor very easily. I’d rather suffer along.

Dr. Jim Adams is always there for us and my family in many, many ways that go beyond being a doctor. He has taken an interest in my children that has gone right through to their adult lives. He is a mentor to my son, a person who inspires others to be all they can be and yet accepts people for where they are right now in a very nonjudgmental loving way.

He gives of his time, energy, and intelligence to anyway. He doesn’t care about making money—he is led by the God that he worships with his whole heart. Who would not want to have him as your doctor?

I feel privileged to have found him, and to be cared for by him. I know he loves my husband, and watches out for him, he loves my two sons, and daughter, and on and on it goes. He loves people.

Thank you Jim for all you do—you know, I am forever grateful for who you are and I love you.

Sherwood Park

Rural and Remote Care at Its Best

Living in northern Alberta (Peace River) poses some interesting facts, we live far away from major health care centres which poses issues all on its own. But having a family physician who understands this and takes extra training to help in crisis situations is crucial and vital.

Our family physicians go above and beyond to help not only our family out but the community!! Thank you to Drs. Nicholas and Nadine Potvin for being there when we need you.

Having children of their own makes chatting about kid-related issues easy and comforting. Whenever there is time to have a quick visit in the hallways, the smiles, and conversation leave me with a smile and usually a laugh or two.
And let’s face it laughter is always the best medicine!!

Thanks for being there!!

Peace River

Not Only a Family Physician, But a Mentor, Too!

Dr. Grimbeek of Red Deer, Alberta is not only the most knowledgeable physician that I have had the opportunity of meeting, but I am very thankful that he is my family physician, as well.

He is by far the most caring and proactive physician that I have met in Canada and is very responsible for me in deciding to pursue a career in family medicine. 

I am a University of Alberta Class of 2017 medical student, and thanks to Dr. Grimbeek’s extremely approachable nature, I have decided to pursue family medicine after graduating.

MN, Red Deer

Lucky to Have Her

I consider myself to be very lucky to have Dr. Currie from West Grove Clinic in Spruce Grove as my Doctor! She is always happy and upbeat! Dr. Currie is very knowledgeable, precise, and takes her job seriously. She makes being at the doctor’s office a comfortable experience! Dr. Currie always makes time to listen and makes sure there is no other question before the appointment is over!

My family doc ROCKS!

From Gunn, AB


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