Membership Advisory Committee

The Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) will serve to ensure the ACFP is meeting the needs of its diverse membership. The committee will be responsive to emergent member needs, and will, where necessary, create sub-committees or task forces to identify and meet these needs. This committee will report to the Executive Director with strategies and recommendations, and will work with the ACFP staff to implement these through operational means.

Two operational committees which fall under the MAC are the First Five Years in Family Practice committee and the Awards and Recognition committee.

As a newly formed committee, a call for nominations will be sent to fulfill the following positions:

Dr. Ann Vaidya, Calgary (Chair)
Dr. Sonya Lee (Board Member Representative), Calgary
Dr. Itua Iriogbe, Camrose
Dr. Diana Hong, Edmonton
Dr. Derek Wang, Calgary
Member-at-Large (Vacant)
Member-at-Large (Vacant)